Operations Director

  • Corporate
  • San Antonio, United States

Operations Director

Job description

If you are passionate about jumping into chaos, problem solving, and effectively leading change, this is the perfect opportunity for you.  We are looking for a true thought leader who can quickly figure out what needs to be done in order to drive better outcomes for the business.  This position will be our executive team's right hand person to tackle the hardest challenges of the company, be it fixing a bad process to creating a whole new division.


This role will vary drastically, with responsibilities spanning across all parts of the business.  Some times full ownership and autonomy to drive change will be given, while other times it will be required to establish an strong partnership with business leaders in order to influence, advise, and work through others.  Objectives may vary from taking something, be it new or existing, from where it is to an 80% solution or all the way to a scalable world class solution.


In order to be successful, you must be a person of high integrity, with strong worth ethics, and highly adaptable.  Common sense, thorough understanding of downstream impacts, and a broad understanding of all parts of a business are table stakes.  A proven track record of managing multiple projects simultaneously, exceptional collaboration and communication skills with people in and out of the company, and maintaining confidentiality and integrity are also must haves.  Regardless of your experience, rest assured this will be a nice challenge that will test your skills as well as serve as an opportunity to advance your business knowledge.



About Mailgun

Mailgun is a high-growth, developer-focused email sending platform designed to attach to customers’ applications to provide high-volume email automation.

A Y-Combinator success story, Mailgun was founded in 2010 and acquired by Rackspace in 2012. In of February 2017, Mailgun spun back out as a standalone business focused on profitable growth. Mailgun is headquartered in San Antonio and has remote teams in San Francisco and Austin. The platform serves customers like Slack, Github, and Reddit, all of which rely on Mailgun to deliver email services for their core business needs.


10+ years of relevant work experience

Bachelor's degree or higher

Lean Six Sigma certification preferred

Technologically savvy with high business and management acumen

Proven track record of leading and influencing change